Design & Class A Surfacing

Turning your ideas into reality

1st Sketch - Signed

Concept & design

From conceptualisation and first sketches to usable visualisations and final function models and prototypes: We understand how to develop innovative design solutions and offer convincing visualisations.


Surface design & Class A Surfacing

At ADS, our Design & Class A Surfacing team develops and engineers top-quality free-form surfaces for the automotive and aviation sectors.

Creating complex free-form interior and exterior surfaces is one of our key skills. As we work to meet the manufacturer’s production requirements and quality specifications, we keep the package itself in mind at all times. Our technical expertise and understanding of form mean we can guarantee optimum, efficient, production-ready implementation of design in Class A surface data.


Design-technology convergence

Our experience in the creation of Class A surfaces also makes us a highly skilled mediator, able to reconcile the often divergent requirements of specifications, design, ergonomics and production.